FITNESS SERVICES are available now.                

    FITNESS AND EXERCISE SERVICES: General morning, day and/or evening exercise classes, chair exercise that can be done in the conference rooms with
    business attire for a few minutes promoting movement, flexibility and cardiovascular improvement even while in the conference; chair exercise for a just a few
    minutes is a fun way to help improve alertness during the conference workshops and get people to MOVE.

    FITNESS INSTRUCTION CLASSES Offered by Born Again Bodies instructor(s) can be conducted in the mornings, daytime or evenings during your
    conference, group meeting or on a regular basis. You can integrate a workout into your conference schedule and provide a fun and invigorating opportunity
    for your attendees at your meeting venue, resulting in more attentive and active participants.

    PERSONAL, GROUP AND CORPORATE fitness packages are also available for individuals, groups, businesses and organizations.

  • Liturgical Dance - spiritual instruction for praise and worship dancers: ballet, modern, urban praise, hip-hop, mime, step

  • Inspirational exercise classes*

  • Cardio-Dance Aerobics

  • Hip-hop Aerobics

  • General Aerobics

  • Seniors Chair, Toning and Dance Programs

  • Strength and Conditioning - Boot Camp

  • Basic Running Classes

  • Corporate, Group and Individual Programs

  • CORE - Abdominal Strength

  • Basic Running Classes

    * Inspirational exercise classes are comprised of uplifting music that may include gospel and/or positive secular music that promotes
    choreography that is party-fun but with music and movements that are also appropriate for youth, professional, conference and
    business environments. This class is for the mind, body and spirit.

    Any of the liturigical dance, aerobics or exercise offerings can be selected to provide a wellness outlet
    and mental break for your attendees. The result is more attentive and connected people.

    For more information:
Exercise and Dance